a dead letter pure (drkstdays) wrote,
a dead letter pure

oh shitstains

tonight shawn and i sat down to watch a movie with a box of milk duds. what with the crazy new pup, some of them ended up spilling out of the box as we sat on the couch. after a bit of searching (and some admitted eating) we couldnt find any more milk duds so we continued to watch our movie. after a while i had to hop up for something (probably milk), but found resistance beneath my ass when i tried to do so. it felt almost like a little kid trying to hold onto your skirt as you pull away. there are now two caramel poo splotches mashed into my charcoal stretch lace skirt. success!!!!

stupid delicious candies. oh well... at least it's too hot to wear my docs right now (they're my footwear of choice in that skirt).
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