a dead letter pure (drkstdays) wrote,
a dead letter pure

my cellphone takes pictures just fine

a blanket of clouds near the sun as it set today.

it looked like that, and yet it was hot as fuck today. FUCK HUMIDITY! aaaaand of course, i always have to take pictures of myself...

new (free/ish) sunglasses, and "it's fucking hot today" hair

the sunglasses remind me of my orange ray-ban lites. rip my dear stunning vintage sunglasses :( .

shawn got a tattoo tonight and i went outside to have a cigarette during the course of it all. the shop is in this shitty yuppie center which has newly shitty/picky parking. shawn works at the tattoo shop almost every week night and he's always talking about how it's impossible to find a parking spot.

the spots in front of the shop's area have had clever little "suggestions" painted at the base of each one for a long time. they recently added "customer parking" below each parking spot. now one of the spots right near the shop looks like this...

... i had to laugh.
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